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Today I'll be reviewing one of the few high-end brands that have released BB creams in the U.S.


Dior 'Diorsnow UV Shield' White Reveal BB Crème SPF 50 PA+++

It's 1.2 oz. (30 mL) with a rather expensive price tag of $50 (though I got 10% off because of Bloomingdale's sign-up offer!)

Yikes. I've never paid this much for a single makeup product before (perfumes/skincare products don't count), and the tube seems so... small, that when I first got it, I wondered if I should send that sucker back.

Ah, but alas. This is amazingggggg. Beyond amazing. Godly amazing.

Note that this BB creme does contain 2% of the controversial Oxybenzone, so I wouldn't recommend this for those who are steering clear of it.

Ahh, such luxe Christian Dior packaging..*.*

The squeeze tube packaging is disguised as a pump! I like. This is very travel-friendly and not as potentially messy as a squeeze tube could have been. Though I will say that the little crooks and nannies on the pump do get dirty/filled with product after use.

There is only one shade offered in the U.S. However, there is apparently another lighter shade and it is less pink-toned.( Review here by My Women Stuff)

I'm neutral leaning towards warm.
At first when I swatched this on my hand, I got excited because the shade was a pretty good match.

Blended in:

However, when I applied the BB creme to my face, I got sort of iffy.

It looked pretty pink on my skin, almost like I'd spray tanned my face with a light pink-orange mixture.



A couple of minutes after blending this into one side of my face, the BB creme adjusted to my skintone, and voila!
Smooth, seamless skin; a perfect shade match!
(On a side note: Do I look cross-eyed below??)

In the picture above, I applied only Dior's BB creme on the left side of my face; the right side of my face is bare. You can see how the dark circles underneath my left eye look visibly faded.

I mainly judged the performance of this BB creme by how well it concealed the redness around my nose, since that's where most of my skin problems lie.

Left side of my nose (with Dior's BB creme):

Right side of my nose (bare D:)

Yay! You can see the BB creme did a fantastic job at covering up the redness on the sides of my nose. It seems like such a small deal, but if you look at my nose normally in person, the redness around the nose always seems so glaringly obvious.

I also liked how this BB creme left my overall face with a matte-ish finish, but still kept a nice dewy look. For example, if I turned my face towards the light, light would still bounce off my face, giving off a nice makeup finish that doesn't look too unnatural/heavy/cakey.

I also noticed in person (not sure if it will show up in photos) that there was a nice brightening effect on my face. I kid you not! My face looked more awake, as if I had surreptitiously applied brightener to my entire face.

Also, this BB creme covers pores, but doesn't clog or emphasize them. Double yay!

Me happy as a clam (with only Dior's BB creme applied to entire face):

You can see it leaves the slight soft-focused effect on the face. Does my face look softer to you guys? :D

Granted, the single shade selection is very limiting and discouraging (Grrr! Dior make more shades!!), as those who are too dark, too fair, too warm-toned, or too cool-toned will have trouble with this BB creme. However, there are no guarantees! I suggest you try this, let it adjust for a couple of minutes, and then judge. Despite the only shade available, I think Dior's 'Diorsnow UV Shield' White Reveal BB Crème SPF 50 PA+++ is pretty versatile if you fall somewhere in the middle. And even if you are slightly on the two extremes, I would give it a chance, because BB creams are actually notorious for their limited shade selection, but they adjust well to your skintone, so don't completely fret yet!

Overall, I would repurchase, but only because of the high SPF (It's SPF 50 guys!), no grey tint from the high SPF, light feeling on skin, pores don't look clogged/larger, overall brightening effect, and keeps skin looking natural and dewy while slightly mattifying skin.

Cons would have to be the hefty price tag for little amount of product, coverage is a bit too light as it won't completely cover any acne blemishes or scarring, and only ONE shade.

Korean BB creams are known to have some other skin benefits besides the high SPF content, like hydration, anti-aging, or vitamin-infused, but I didn't see any additional skincare benefits advertised for this one. So maybe I shouldn't really even call this a BB creme, but a light foundation. However, Dior's BB creme does look better than regular foundation because of its overall brightening effect (it's such a nice subtle effect, similar to the Guerlain Meteorites).

Have you tried Dior's 'Diorsnow UV Shield' White Reveal BB Creme? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

What are your favorite BB creams?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.*



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